Empowering children with essential life skills

WHAT? We LOVE bringing out the best in every child by teaching children and adults, holistic wellbeing, emotional intelligence and self-empowerment through our innovative resources and training .

WHY? We believe all children have magnificent potential and must be taught self-love from a young age! By learning positive life skills and practising easy ways to believe in themselves, kids are better able to learn well and make healthier life choices. Healthy self-esteem lowers children’s risk of becoming victims of child abuse, unwanted pregnancies, substance abuse and gangsterism.

HOW ? WISE uses mindfulness,yoga, dance, games, story telling and play activities to teach the essential life tools of :

  • self love, expression of feelings, speaking kindly, forgiveness and gratitude

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Wise Training/workshops

When educators (any adults) are themselves stressed, tired or overwhelmed, it’s not easy to be able to teach kids mindfulness activities or how to relax.

At WISE we acknowledge that in order to really be able to successfully use our amazing children’s wellbeing resources (taught on our Children’s Wellbeing workshop), the adults who teach them, must themselves understand the importance of taking care of themselves, being mindful and able to relax.

Ideally done as a follow-on of the D-Stress Training day, in this workshop you learn many different ways and resources to improve a child’s life and wellbeing.

If you already work with children, and want more amazing ways to help them, that are relevant to the South African context, this is for YOU!  Or if you are staring out, wanting to work with children (as a volunteer or professional), this workshop will inspire, inform and motivate you even more.

Deepen your WISE training experience.  As knowledge only becomes powerful once it’s integrated and applied, we at WISE recognize that ongoing training and support is crucial to the success and implementation of our unique wellbeing resources. 

On this one day intensive advanced skills and mindfulness training, we help participants to become totally confident and competent in the WISE approach

WISE directors (also qualified Biodanza faciliators) recognize the power of musica and dance to help vulnerable children in highly-stressed communities to have fun while developing essential life skills such as healthy communication, expression, mindfulness, and to reduce stress.

Dance Assembly offers such a space.  It is a specific yet easy to use activitiy that can be added to the start of each day in 15 minute sessions.

Our Needs

WISE is frequently being approached by schools and communities in need of our services, however we do not have the funding and staff resources to meet the dire need.

Funding enable’s WISE to access disadvantaged communities to:

  • transform the stress levels and mindsets of educators and significant childcare role players (significantly improving their own wellbeing and ability to impact positively on children)
  • train them on our easy-to-use mindfulness, emotional intelligence children’s wellbeing tools
  • improve children’s wellbeing, self worth, gratitude, respect and compassion (via mindfulness, life skills stories, dance, yoga & EQ games)
  • teach children to develop a growth mindset towards themselves, learning and life (which ultimately reduces risk of alcohol and drug abuse and violence)

Our positive psychology based wellbeing training program (and unique resources for children’s wellbeing) are professionally designed to develop wholehearted children and communities – transforming lives.

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