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Empowering children with essential life skills

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About Us

WISE (Wellbeing in Schools and Education) is all about empowering children (and those that raise and educate them) to be their true magnificent selves.  This NGO arose as a partnership between Carol Surya (psychologist, author, game developer and Biodanza facilitator) and fellow Biodanza facilitator, sculptural artist, children’s book author and event/festival organizer – Carmen Clews. Their successful companies, Raising Kids Positively and Magnificent Kids, both creating unique wellness tools, dreamt of a new way forward to reach and teach more children and offer help to disadvantaged communities.

Our Mission

For children to access and realize their own magnificent potential and strengthen their mental-emotional and spiritual health.

We acknowledge that change has to come from within, and that adults involved in a child’s development (parents, educators and others)  also need to be mentally-emotionally-spiritually healthy.

Instead of trying to “fix” children – WISE aims to authentically empower them (to become more of who they already are – to reach their innate potential).

Our key function is to effectively facilitate the wellbeing of children and those involved in their development (through comprehensive training programmes that incorporate our wellness resources).

Our Vision

Inspiring wellness in children and communities throughout the world.

Our Values

  • Self-empowerment
  • Authenticity
  • Innovation
  • Commitment
  • Kindness
  • Gratitude

Our Needs

WISE is a registered non-profit company (NPC Reg nr : K2017248459) that seeks funding in order to spread our tools and programs to  all children in South Africa (and eventually the world).

With over 2 million orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC) in South Africa alone, the need for children to learn practical easy ways to empower themselves and make healthier life choices is becoming critical. Unfortunately, there is a desperate shortage of helping professionals, capacity and wellness resources to assist children (especially those who have been neglected or otherwise marganalized). Our unique products are professionally designed to develop wholehearted children and communities – transforming lives.

Funding enable’s WISE to access disadvantaged communities to:

  • teach children how to be happy, healthy and bring out their true magnificence
  • inspire children to develop a growth mindset towards themselves, learning and life
  • help parents and significant childcare role players understand and discipline children positively
  • develop emotional intelligence skills, self reflection and self respect in children
  • encourage critical thinking, problem solving and healthy decision making in youngster
  • improve children’s self worth and self-esteem
  • teach relaxation and mindfulness skills to children
  • translate our products into indigenous African languages
  • continue to develop and create wellness tools for different ages and group sizes
  • build capacity in child care provision agencies and schools to empower children
  • to distribute our unique wellness products to child care agencies and schools
  • transform the child education landscape through a focus on wellness and empowerment

We aim to reach as many children as possible from diverse disadvantaged communities in South Africa, and the world. Donations ensure comprehensive training and distribution of our unique wellness products to groups of educators, parents, volunteers, social workers or care givers in a variety of communities.

Join the WISE revolution

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Banking Details

Nedbank, Plettenberg Bay;
Name : Wellbeing In Schools And Education;
Acc # : 1153793180;
branch code 198765


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